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On the edge of the Florida Everglades, United Nursery LLC enjoys the perfect tropical climate for raising plants. From the first morning light until evening rolls around, we're surrounded by what we love. Our team includes professional growers and more than 100 dedicated members who are committed to growing gorgeous, healthy tropical, blooming, and succulent plants.

Every plant we ship is hand raised on the Farm. It is nurtured, manicured, and prepared to travel—arriving at your home looking and feeling its best.

Our plants are raised to be the healthiest, happiest ambassadors of Florida you'll meet. That makes our customers happy. And when you're happy, so are we.
The Farm
Heart & Soil
Perfect Conditions
Located in Florida on the edge of the Everglades, the Farm enjoys a perfect tropical climate for raising plants. But it's our United Nursery LLC team members who raise happy plants. Experts in tropical, blooming, and succulent plants, many of us have been here for over 15 years. From first morning light until evening rolls around, we're surrounded by what we love.
Our Baby Plants
Every single plant is started, raised, and nurtured by hand. They begin life as tissue cultures or tip cuttings. Planted together in community trays, they're misted every 10 minutes while they establish roots. When their roots are strong enough to support them, they'are planted into individual pots.

Growing Up Together

Young plants grow up together in the Florida sun. Some mature within 10 months. Others take up to two years. During that time, they travel on tractors with their friends, are hand-trimmed, fed, drenched, re-potted, nurtured, spoken to—and loved.
No Ordinary Baby Food
We custom-mix the soil recipe and fertilizers for each plant. It's like growing up on the healthiest gourmet food imaginable. All-natural soil mixes retain the precise amount of moisture for each plant's needs. Natural fertilizers encourage healthy growth.
Leaving our
Home For Yours

When it's time to leave for their new homes, we gather each plant for a final grooming. We hand-trim and shine their leaves. They receive a good drink. Each is carefully wrapped in strong craft paper to protect leaves and stems. Then, they're tenderly placed in a patented box designed for safe travel. The next stop is your home.