We take great pride in the cultivation of each and every plant grown at our farm in south Florida—the best tropical climate in the United States. Our team includes professional growers and more than 100 dedicated team members who are committed to growing the perfect plant. Every plant we ship is grown on our farm and hand-picked. It is then manicured, cleaned, and prepared to make sure it arrives looking and feeling its best. We then package the plant in a patented, reinforced shipping container designed specifically to protect it during shipment.

Like many living things, plants don't enjoy a harsh change in their environment. Sometimes, they will show signs of stress with minor blemishes and light damage due to the rigors of transportation.

We guarantee our plants for 30 days from date of arrival to their new home. In the unlikely event that your plant or pot arrived damaged, please complete the support form with the requested details and our team will answer within 24 hours. In the event your plant arrived dead, it will be replaced free of charge. However, due to the seasonality of our business, if your damaged or dead plant is no longer available, you can substitute with a plant of your choice of similar size and cost.

Plants need to adapt to their new environments to regain their strength and acclimate to their new surroundings. If you intend to repot your plant into a new container, please wait at least 30 days or you will void your warranty. Our team is always available to provide you with expert advice via email or text. Or visit our plant FAQ section to learn more.