Fan Palm
Fan Palm
Fan Palm
Fan Palm
Fan Palm
Fan Palm
Fan Palm

Fan Palm
(Livistona chinensis)

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Pot size: Large - 10"
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Easy! I don't need much
Bright indirect light
Pet Friendly
Yes. We get along great
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30"- 36" tall (with pot)

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Know me

Get to Know Me

Call me chill—not much gets me down. I prefer tropical conditions, but I can also handle cold, drought, direct sun, or part shade if necessary. With my fronds growing in circular, segmented patterns, I'll add a spiky pop of green gladness to your home.

I can help you reduce stress
I will boost your productivity to the roof
I can help your home look beautiful
I will help you remove toxictoxins from the air
How to take
Care of me
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70 to 85° F. Keep me away from cold drafts, air conditioning or heating vents, and hot surfaces like radiators or furnaces.
Water me thoroughly then allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Water with distilled water or leave tap water sitting out for 24 hours before using to allow chemicals to evaporate.
Use a palm fertilizer and feed me monthly, especially during the spring-summer growing season.
If you notice spider mites, mealybugs, or whiteflies, gently wipe them off with a 50/50 mix of soap and water.
Remove any dead leaves at the base of the crown once a year.
I grow slowly, so you won't need to repot me often. When I do outgrow my pot, choose a new pot that is 2" wider with plenty of drainage holes.

I like lots of bright indirect light, and if you turn my pot a quarter-turn every week, I'll grow more evenly.

I also like to eat. Feed me monthly with a good palm fertilizer that includes potassium. Other than that, I'm content hanging out at home with my plant parent.


Each one of us is unique, so I might not look exactly like the photograph. Embrace me for who I am! When I arrive, gently remove me from the box and introduce me to my new home. Check to make sure my soil is moist after the journey