Mass Cane
Mass Cane
Mass Cane
Mass Cane
Mass Cane
Mass Cane
Mass Cane

Mass Cane
(Dracaena massangeana)

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Pot size: Large - 10"
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Easy! I don't need much
Medium to bright indirect light
Pet Friendly
No. Not really my thing
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20"- 24" tall (with pot)

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Know me

Get to Know Me

People also know me as a corn plant, although I can't tell you why. My woody trunk is topped with a spray of shiny, sword-shaped, arching leaves with golden-yellow stripes running down the center. In my native Africa, I can grow to more than 50 feet tall.

I can help you reduce stress
I will boost your productivity to the roof
I can help your home look beautiful
I will help you remove toxictoxins from the air
How to take
Care of me
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60 to 75° F. Keep me away from cold drafts, air conditioning or heating vents, and hot surfaces like radiators or furnaces.
Let the top 2 inches of soil dry out between waterings. Water with distilled water or leave tap water sitting out for 24 hours before using to allow chemicals to evaporate.
Use a liquid or houseplant fertilizer at half strength. Fertilize me monthly during the spring-summer growing season.
If you notice spider mites, mealybugs, or whiteflies, gently wipe them off with a 50/50 mix of soap and water.
I grow slowly, so pruning isn't really necessary. Just trim off any yellow or dead leaves.
Repot me once every two to three years. Choose a new pot that is 2" wider with plenty of drainage holes.

I'm pretty low maintenance. Whether in your home or office, I can tolerate low light although I look best with moderate bright light. My soil needs good drainage, because I don't like to sit in water. Misting me and dusting my leaves makes me happy. 


Each one of us is unique, so I might not look exactly like the photograph. Embrace me for who I am! When I arrive, gently remove me from the box and introduce me to my new home. Check to make sure my soil is moist after the journey